Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Delinquent...At the Savoy...on the Strand?

The Delinquent #1 Launch Party
(a reminder, please forward) is on

Tues 28th Nov

from 7pm

at The Savoy Tup (upstairs)
(where Savoy St meets the Strand, London).

Edition #1 will be on sale, there will be a few readings too,

it will cost 3 pounds,

contains 44 poets (just under 100 pages, glossy 6x9 with spine.)

The issue can be ordered or downloaded online, details will be posted
after the launch... or send us 3.50 now (includes postage) and we'll
pop a copy out to you on the launchday.

If you would like to subscribe, it's 3 issues for 10 pounds, p&p inc. We take cheques (made payable to 'the delinquent') and cash. Send your name, address, e-mail and money to 'the delinquent' at 92 Elm Road, Kingston, Surrey, KT2 6HU, and we will send an e-mail receipt.

We hope to run this mag 3 times a year (though we'll settle for 2) the future is not ours to see..

NOTE, im afraid we're not in the position to give contributors a free copy, at present we are just covering our costs (this is not for profit) but we are looking at ways to improve this situation for future issues.

we are now (obviously) looking for submissions for issue 2

send short stories, poems, reviews, art,

j & j

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Calling Tex Ass Mikey? or...

Last night, if you are innerested, I attended We Will Rock You, by Queen with my sister mother and wife. Needless to say it was a good show and the Killer Queen was awesome; she had to be, right? Halfway through the second set my mother leaned towards my sister in the stalls and said: "Is Queen a band?" As I watched the show I thought about a few things but one of them was that someone should seek out the Queen band members and one Tex Ass Mikey, lead singer of The Budd Pluggst(sp?), formerly of the smalls, Mike Caldwell and ask him to step in. Caldwell Banker needs this gig. Queen needs the Caldwell banker - just a thought. Later at night, I told my wife about a new somewhat favourable review of Creamsicle stick Shivs and she asked me to print it up to read it. In the dark, afterwards she said: "John, a review, is like, not a compliment!"

Monday, November 20, 2006

Howbout two (2) fer one?


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Holy Moses... Zen Bhuddism...

*...NOW short piece about religion in The Insolent Boy...*
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