Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Taking the Stairs is...? Some reviews...

here en here

Shhhh (you little blighters!)... Scouts are Cancelled is...playing...in the library.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

This here n that there...up there.

Bit o this bit o that from Tom Chivers, John Stiles (poems from scouts are cancelled CD), Valerie Melchioretto

ukPoetryPodcast episode 39.mp3

Saturday, July 05, 2008

London Magazine at 02 Wireless Festival in Hyde Park

"Taking the Stairs read: Trono gets a cheer!"

Yesterday and today (weather permittin') a crack team of poets from London Magazine will be performing at the 02 Wireless Festival which attracts an audience of over 30,000 - a day. Most of these festival goers didn't make it to Glastonbury (maybe) or are dedicated goths there for the Headlining acts like Morrissey but many will take refuge at the picnic tables near the beer tent and will hear a few poets and brave souls belt out some of their material.

Taking the Stairs was read to an enthusiastic audience who responded with raised fists when I said the words "Trono" a few times and the Port Williams noon bell siren went over well too. They seemed to like "I'm part Hillybilly but all man..." too.. Thanks to Sara-Mae who organized it all and gets to keep the tent at the end, too. Also I really liked the short story writer who wore a little make-up and read a story about cross dressing; I wasn't expecting it and it was really really faunny.
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