Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just some notes about them planes....

On lookin up this morning...

"Vapour trails cut the sky
like cats claws scratch bare thighs..."


...I enjoyed those six days didn't you?"

For Patrick Woodcock...

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Isn't that sumpin. Stan?

I can't hardly believe this exists..

New Work: Bow Legged Man and Speck

Geoffrey Gatza (Sherlock Holmes Poems)
Russell Pascatore (New York Times Headlines)
Gregory Betts (Ouichi)
Karin Falcone (Pearls)
Izzy Oneiric (Veneration Of Saint Sylvia)
Travis Macdonald (Excerpts From N7ostradamus)
Nicole Mauro (Tax-Dollar Super-Sonnet)
Meghan Raham (NYT)
Meghan Raham (Tiffany Series)
Matt Reeck (Finally Consider The Cartoon)
James Sanders (Untitled)
John Stiles (Bow-Legged Man & Speck)
Nico Vassilakis (Text For Nothing But Cut Up)
Damian Weber (The Well Equipped Pad)
Catherine Daly (Silhouettes)
EJ McAdams (Formation Of Bogs)
Jonathan Skinner (It Is Not A Spam)
David Mauro (New York Times Headlines)
Damian Weber (Beat Beat Beat By William F Brown By Damian Weber
Chelsea Silber (No Colon After Is Or And)
Grant Jenkins (Praise Plus Poise Plus Prayer Equal Perfect Peace)
Joe Cooper (Cosmopolitan)

Also here:
"A third hand took the Dip & Fizz" in The Watch the University of Kings College student newspaper...noted in the editorial as work from "a man twenty years our senior."
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