Friday, September 01, 2006


small note a reckonin'. new magazine coming from two farm boys who are actually Londoners. And one looks like he should be in the Sadies. And he`s an accountant.

the delinquent is the mag. From the lads...

“Some of you may remember unpublished and its glorious 7 issue run.

The delinquent is a step-up.

It will look like a paperback book with a colour cover and have 100plus pages.

It will run for years. It will also be downloadable.

We want & need diversity.

Send us whatever works. Words on a page. Things that haven’t been done before.

We want poems.

Short stories.

Diagrams & folk art.

Some articles/reviews.

Drawings/cartoons/doodles – anything that will reproduce in black & white.


We’ll also have a letters page. Non-personal rants welcome.

We want work that challenges what a poem can be, do. (but not exclusively – we want what works).

We are committed.

Send submissions to:

love from

jason & jel”


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