Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Famous thoughts (cont'd)

Below are some real situations I have found myself in over the course of my life. They involve famous people and, um, my 'magination.
PS. This is a continuation of an earlier post. First post found here 
 Famous person 4.  MARIO ANDRETTI.  
Situation: He was in Toronto in 1986 to do some commentary work for the Toronto Indy where I think his son was driving.  I was working as a car jockey at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto. I couldn’t find his car in the parking lot on the ground floor. I brought up the car, late and he wasn’t impressed.
Expression: "You idiot! Where do you think the car was, Cleveland?”
Imagination: "Whitey. Mange Cake!"

Famous Person 5. DAVID WELLS 
Situation: Again working as a car jockey going to get the courtesy car for the Toronto Blue Jays as he had been called up from the Rochester affiliate in Syracuse. I was on time, but he was rude, ruder than Mario Andretti but this guy was my age, tho’ looked like he was already into the sausage and beer.
Expression: “Gimme the keys… and here’s a buck.”
Imagination: "Thanks No Class Bobby Bass – with tats.”

Situation: Christopher Plummer had just filmed Delores Claiborne in Nova Scotia and had been staying near where I was brought up in The Valley. Acadia University asked him to perform a one-act play at Convocation Hall to help them  launch their Atlantic Theatre Festival in Wolfville He did and it was a sell out.He was asked to mingle with theatre goers after the performance.

Expression: “A worthy cause, good luck to you people.”
Imagination: "Don’t stand so close to me! I AM AN ACTOR!"

Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Throw a Literature Festival During the Olympics


Friday, November 16, 2012

New poem from Wilma Seville

Misty Woods
By Wilma Seville

I brush against low branch
green leaves caress my cheek
its spindly trunk a contrast
among stately, rough barked trees.

I tramp along tree-lined path
carpeted with orangey/red leaves
which crackle under my feet

Slender trees stretch towards heaven
their branches now stripped bare
reaching towards the sun.

My thoughts turn to the Creator
as I meander along the path
thinking how like other living things we are
stretching towards the light of God.

Smiling, I stoop down
Pick up red maple leaves
To make a fall wreath for my door
Happy to be one with nature.

(reponse to Janusz Wrobel’s Misty Woods)
Performed at Carnegie Gallery Nov. 4, 2012

Wilma Seville has been writing poetry since 2003. She enjoys writing about the many wonderful trails in and around the city of Hamilton, Ontario. Her work has been displayed on the ArtWalk in Dundas as well as performed at Carnegie Gallery. She also has had work in various local magazines and anthologies and a newspaper in Toronto. She writes articles and short stories as well. She is originally from Lachine, Quebec.

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