Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Went to see this band at the spitz

Went to this music night at the Spitz and it was OK, y'know? There was a lady singing on a stool with a frowning downcast long-haired dude on guitar and then there was a break where they played Van Morrison (Into the Mystic) and this pale thin, dark-haired, dark-eyed, spooky-lookin dude who had real facial tics and shit and a slightly nervous disposition caught my eye. I was watching him at the back, thinkin' OH GOD A SUPER FAN! Then he took the stage and I thought, Jesus this David Viner can sing and then I thought well Woody Allen should pen his next flick with this Viner as lead. I drank and watched the door to see if any people I invited might come in, y' know? And the label guy was there and I thought I'm all right y' know, this is cool, how cool is this? I temp in a library at the London School of Economics (but for how much longer?) and then I took my mobile phone and cursed at it and I called an old friend in Toronto because they were playing So Long Mirianne by Leonard Cohen and I had a business idea I wanted to run by a certain poet I know. I was just in a state I said fuck it if those dudes don't want to come to this show and it was... very, not so promisingly Paris Motel, all twenty of them, " the sweatiest" band around and I thought I'm for the door this is enough but then I waited; the girl was a little reckless and unsteady and I listened through the first number which mentioned Paris Hotel and then I said this ain't too bad I like the stylish Chinese bloke with the boho shades and then they started to cook, all of them in a vibe; okay it was a little tiny bit Arcade Fire but it also wasn't because it was so completely English, the front lady was now poised and clearly in control and she was a little bit odd and glamourous enough to banter in a charming way; the back up band were comprised of a model thin oboe player and a guy with hair all brushed up to the front who leaned over the front of the stage and (the lead singer had a go at him about his shirt) and it was enough of a good thing that I bought a CD. (Usually in my past incarnation I drink all the bands beer and take CDs free from the Lund 'cash machine') but this time I bought this mother fucker. It is not quite as good as Monkey Swallows the Universebut I'm doing this review for free mother fucker so I can say what I want. But it is a very good band and a special night, too...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Isn't that sumpin?

 folks ready for this?
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