Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stapler on temp desk at LSE

(Novus 3 45/3)

Bel stölrung tiefenanschlag
Um 45˚ drehen und
Leerheftung ausführen.

In case of malfunction
Turn the bit stop by
45˚ and make a blank stapling.

En case de malfonctionnment
Turnez la buteé de profundeur
De 45˚ et agrafer a vider.

23/6 super, 23/17, 23/10 super

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Top 5 Picks (Oxfam)

There's a second version of this. The launch was curated at the Poets Church in St. Giles.

CD 1
1. John Hegley (St. Georges Day) why? just good...*trumpets, too
2. Annie Freud (Canaletto Orange) why? seductive and wise *a voice
3. Daljit Nagra (Darling and Me) why? just like a slightly mad indian uncle *Al Purdy with a sense of glee
4. Heather Tayor (Trouble) why? captures that point (and age) just before girls tire of the rogue *Joni Mitchell who don't smoke
5. Carol Anny Duffy (Prayer) why? Just good...*old lady voice is seductive to me

There's 61 or so...

CD 2
1. Pam Ayres (How Can That Be My Baby?) why? a mothers joy, *also explained to me by a boss
2. Elaine Feinstein (Wheelchair) why? personal, *a poet married to a non-poet, finding out about their work life, after death
3. Edward Barker (Soyuz) why? a bicycle poem *about losing yourself, or a son
4. Atilla the Stock Broker (Asylum Seeking Daleks) a poem about wot? *opens the door for the delinquents, Frank Bungays, polks dot celings
5. Todd Swift (The Man who Killed Houdini) why? Houdini was tragically killed in Montreal and Todd's father also died which influences the tone of this CD. Todd is a *"shape shifter with a heart for Canada", Globe and Mail.

56 not out...

Peter Pan, now?

Or the ghost of Morrissey Wallis?
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