Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Calling Tex Ass Mikey? or...

Last night, if you are innerested, I attended We Will Rock You, by Queen with my sister mother and wife. Needless to say it was a good show and the Killer Queen was awesome; she had to be, right? Halfway through the second set my mother leaned towards my sister in the stalls and said: "Is Queen a band?" As I watched the show I thought about a few things but one of them was that someone should seek out the Queen band members and one Tex Ass Mikey, lead singer of The Budd Pluggst(sp?), formerly of the smalls, Mike Caldwell and ask him to step in. Caldwell Banker needs this gig. Queen needs the Caldwell banker - just a thought. Later at night, I told my wife about a new somewhat favourable review of Creamsicle stick Shivs and she asked me to print it up to read it. In the dark, afterwards she said: "John, a review, is like, not a compliment!"


Blogger coryguy said...

what ever happened to mike?

10:05 am  

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