Friday, September 23, 2005

How Yah Doon Poetry Launch

This is a call for submissions. Watch for occasional new poetry and reviews here: Please send poems in text of email to:
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A Poem by Todd Swift

The editors

are jaded; they've killed men; worn monocles
in Serbia; been roadies for Depeche Mode;
nurtured a wild sloth simply to drain its blood; know

all about young models from Old Gdansk; eat
the thankless task of editing poetry for breakfast
on the trembling, nearly-transparent stomach

of a starving albino woman shackled to a bronze
figure of the glorious Sade. Don't try to shock
the shockless, friend: we've tortured winos as a treat;

spent days caressing the wingless fly we made,
teaching it Latin. In the fabled Pleasure Gardens of
Budapest we spared few moments of concern

for those who tasted our spleen. We've seen:
O have we seen; starlets have obeyed our commands,
escape artists from O to Z have pried at locks

we've set about their constricted, shaved bodies.
If you still think you're work is worth submitting to us
it doesn't bode that well. We've got the passport

stamps to establish we once resided gladly in hell;
we dine on pink kitten-meat - splash it down
with the milk of human cruelty. Hope you can spell.

Todd Swift is a London-based Canadian poet and anthologist. Currently he curates the successful Oxfam Poetry Series, in Marylebone. His most recent book is Rue du Regard (D.C. Books: Montreal, 2004). He is a core tutor with The Poetry School.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Imagine Woody Allen doing a house showing?
Monday Nights at The Poet.
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Monday, September 12, 2005

Update: Insolent Boy Website is Here!


The re-introduction of Insolent Boy Entertainment, will serve as an archive and reference point for artistic projects undertaken by John Stiles between 1995 and 2003. This fully developed web site will feature the formative years of John Stiles' artistic work in Toronto, Canada, including reviews of Scouts Are Cancelled, The Insolent Boy and 'the whatever' rock documentary featuring a young Corb Lund of the Hurtin Albertans in his earlier role as bassist, the smalls. This site will also feature a Readers section and a 'writers on writing' section including interviews with writers in the earlier stages of their careers. Some include Paul Vermeersch, Corb Lund , Patrick Woodcock and Kathryn Kuitenbrauer.

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Photo courtesy Mark Stiles

Please note that HOW YAH DOON? will remain the work of John Stiles' and his assorted Annapolis Valley projects (performance and written) in London, England. This site is currently and rapidly developing.


If England exported their culture around the world, why can`t we bring er back? Friggen rights, Boys oh Boys!



Click here: LIVE IN LONDON

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

How Yah Doon?

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Louisiana 'Katrina' Hurricane Literary Response

Read: 'Confederacy of Dunces' by John Kennedy Toole

Say a Prayer For:
French Acadians Expelled from Grande Pre, Nova Scotia,
in 1755 who settled in Louisiana. And their sons and daughters.

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