Friday, November 16, 2012

New poem from Wilma Seville

Misty Woods
By Wilma Seville

I brush against low branch
green leaves caress my cheek
its spindly trunk a contrast
among stately, rough barked trees.

I tramp along tree-lined path
carpeted with orangey/red leaves
which crackle under my feet

Slender trees stretch towards heaven
their branches now stripped bare
reaching towards the sun.

My thoughts turn to the Creator
as I meander along the path
thinking how like other living things we are
stretching towards the light of God.

Smiling, I stoop down
Pick up red maple leaves
To make a fall wreath for my door
Happy to be one with nature.

(reponse to Janusz Wrobel’s Misty Woods)
Performed at Carnegie Gallery Nov. 4, 2012

Wilma Seville has been writing poetry since 2003. She enjoys writing about the many wonderful trails in and around the city of Hamilton, Ontario. Her work has been displayed on the ArtWalk in Dundas as well as performed at Carnegie Gallery. She also has had work in various local magazines and anthologies and a newspaper in Toronto. She writes articles and short stories as well. She is originally from Lachine, Quebec.


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