Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Famous thoughts (cont'd)

Below are some real situations I have found myself in over the course of my life. They involve famous people and, um, my 'magination.
PS. This is a continuation of an earlier post. First post found here 
 Famous person 4.  MARIO ANDRETTI.  
Situation: He was in Toronto in 1986 to do some commentary work for the Toronto Indy where I think his son was driving.  I was working as a car jockey at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto. I couldn’t find his car in the parking lot on the ground floor. I brought up the car, late and he wasn’t impressed.
Expression: "You idiot! Where do you think the car was, Cleveland?”
Imagination: "Whitey. Mange Cake!"

Famous Person 5. DAVID WELLS 
Situation: Again working as a car jockey going to get the courtesy car for the Toronto Blue Jays as he had been called up from the Rochester affiliate in Syracuse. I was on time, but he was rude, ruder than Mario Andretti but this guy was my age, tho’ looked like he was already into the sausage and beer.
Expression: “Gimme the keys… and here’s a buck.”
Imagination: "Thanks No Class Bobby Bass – with tats.”

Situation: Christopher Plummer had just filmed Delores Claiborne in Nova Scotia and had been staying near where I was brought up in The Valley. Acadia University asked him to perform a one-act play at Convocation Hall to help them  launch their Atlantic Theatre Festival in Wolfville He did and it was a sell out.He was asked to mingle with theatre goers after the performance.

Expression: “A worthy cause, good luck to you people.”
Imagination: "Don’t stand so close to me! I AM AN ACTOR!"


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