Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stapler on temp desk at LSE

(Novus 3 45/3)

Bel stölrung tiefenanschlag
Um 45˚ drehen und
Leerheftung ausführen.

In case of malfunction
Turn the bit stop by
45˚ and make a blank stapling.

En case de malfonctionnment
Turnez la buteé de profundeur
De 45˚ et agrafer a vider.

23/6 super, 23/17, 23/10 super


Anonymous jdscott said...

in case of malfunction
in life
make many blank staplings

make loudly staplings with
blank quality

consider, quiet self for time

then louder blanker staplings
at any one of the angles

1:37 am  

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