Saturday, December 05, 2009

Hey, Sorry but this is me at the moment.

With certain people away and no guests for the last fews days and Christmas approaching and things generally hysterical in the world I can revert to the thing that gives me the only piece of mind I have left, my continued obsession with the folk of a small parcel of land situated between the mountains of Windsor NS and Greenwood NS, the Annapolis Valley. So no Dolly Parton today, nor Police, nor Dragonforce, nor Children of Bodom, no obsessing about career, nor leaky roofs, nor money problems, no guy bumping on the ceiling cause I'm playing the music too loud just a full set by a great Halifax, NS band, called The Sorrys. Neanderthal Cell Phone iLike, but won't I pod.
I don't need to.
Hey this is the second album, mother fucker.
I won't get into it more than to say that the guitar has a continuing presence on the second album as if a rocking road ride through the 70's, 80's, 90's. Also the writing is distinctive - front man, Trevor Millet's wit and barbs are there on NCP, passed on from the first album: "The Last Clear Thought Before You Fall Backwards." Perhaps a torch has been passed from Sloan to the Superfriendz on to The Sorrys, I dunno but I do see Charles Austin on the credits.

In Achievement Races, the lead song, Millett announces:

"Christ you are something...
I want to double dare, pull your hair."

Oh, well here I go again...!

Hey it is just my opinion but there is a conversation between the singer (Millett) and the guitar player (Jim) that goes on and on. Also it sounds like there is actually a guy banging on the drums not a dink at a computer adding drum effects. The bass is solid too, listen for it on Roses.

"I will see this moon again,
It's the same old moon that its ever been..."

There is some middle-aged resignation in the music also, especially about the modern pace of the world.
A good line:

"In the end we all turn to dust
so why don't you tell me what the hell was your rush?"

I read the band met at a party, well it is like the conversation from that first intense but good-natured meeting has still continued on in the music. There is an energy there that seems like an extended jam session. It is like the boys don't wanna go home...
Sorry that how I see it..


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Hello John,

I'm from Prince George, BC, and am trying to track down a copy of your documentary "the smalls whatever". I'm missing my roots, and I'm sure we were at some of the same shows during the times of filming. I know you have a means for getting people a copy on your insolentboy website, but I also know it's an old website, so before I sent the money along, I thought I'd try and contact you any which way I could and find out the best way to get ahold of a copy. Could you email me at:

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