Monday, August 24, 2009

Relit Award Longlists

2009 ReLit Longlists

More to Keep Us Warm, Jacob Scheier (ECW)
The Invisibility Exhibit, Sachiko Murakami (Talon)
What It Feels Like for a Girl, Jennica Harper (Anvil)
Water Strider, Karen Hofmann (Frontenac)
Sentenced to Light, Fred Wah (Talon)
The Delicate Line, Robert Colman (Exile)
Butcher’s Block, Deanna Fong (Pistol Press)
Fear Not, Maurice Mierau (Turnstone)
We Will be Fish, JP King (Pistol Press)
Bush Camp, Marvin Francis (Turnstone)
Augustine in Carthage, Alessandro Porco (ECW)
Troubled, RM Vaughan (Coach House)
The Velocity of Escape, Jim Johnstone (Guernica)
The Sentinel, AF Moritz (Anansi)
The Laundromat Essay, Kyle Buckley (Coach House)
Little Hunger, Philip Kevin Paul (Nightwood)
All our Grandfathers are Ghosts, Pasha Malla (Snare)
Into the Drowned World, Ryan Kamstra (Insomniac)
Dead Cars in Managua, Stuart Ross (DC Books)
Penny Dreadful, Shannon Stewart (Signal)
What Stirs, Margaret Christakos (Coach House)
Noble Gas, Penny Black, David O’Meara (Brick)
Feral Domicile, Boyd Warren Chubbs (Breakwater)
The Sway of Otherwise, David Helwig (Oberon)
You, Gary Hyland (Hagios)
Mongrel Love, Judith Krause (Hagios)
Ragtime for Beginners, Moberley Luger (Killick)
Love of Mirrors, Gary Hyland (Coteau)
Precordial Thump, Zoe Whittall (Exile)
One Crow Sorrow, Lisa Martin-DeMoor (Brindle & Glass)
Night Work, Randall Maggs (Brick)
The North End Poems, Michael Knox (ECW)
The Watchmaker’s Table, Brian Bartlett (Goose Lane)
This is a Small Northern Town, Rosanna Deerchild (The Muses ‘ Company)
Sky Atlas, Alan R. Wilson (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
Breathe Now, Phlip Arima (BuschekBooks)
The Debaucher, Jason Camlot (Insomniac)
Taking Shape, Edward Carson (Porcupine’s Quill)
The Red Element, Catherine Graham (Insomniac)
Sublingual, Bill Bissett (Talon)
Autopsy of a Turvy World, Sheri-D Wilson (Frontenac)
36 Cornelian Avenue, Christopher Wiseman (Signal)
Living in Gravity, Valerie Stetson (Palimpsest)
Rue the Day, Tanis MacDonald (Turnstone)
Cypress, Barbara Klar (Brick)
Poems that Swim From my Brain Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship,
Christian McPherson (Bayeux)


The Withdrawal Method, Pasha Malla (Anansi)
The Cult of Quick Repair, Dede Crane (Coteau)
The Old Familiar, Alix Hawley (Thistledown)
All Things Considered, Patricia A. Stone (Hidden Brook)
The Night is a Mouth, Lisa Foad (Exile)
Evidence, Ian Colford (Porcupine’s Quill)
Mother Superior, Saleema Nawaz (Freehand)
The Slow Fix, Ivan E. Coyote (Arsenal Pulp)
Fly on the Wall, Jason Brink (ECW)
My White Planet, Mark Anthony Jarman (Thomas Allen)
Playing Basra, Edward Brown (Exile)
When I Always Wanted Something, Carole Glasser Langille (Mercury)
Flirt, Lorna Jackson (Biblioasis)
Squishy, Arjun Basu (DC Books)
An Unrehearsed Desire, Lauren B. Davis (Exile)
Elysium, Pamela Stewart (Anvil)
The Butcher of Penetang, Betsy Trumpener (Caitlin)
Once, Rebecca Rosenblum (Biblioasis)
In the Quiet After Slaughter, Don McLellan (Libros Libertad)
The Sherpa, Nila Gupta (Sumach)


The Order of Good Cheer, Bill Gaston (Anansi)
1892, Paul Butler (Pennywell)
The Darren Effect, Libby Creelman (Goose Lane)
Ordinary Lives, Josef Skvorecky (Key Porter)
More, Austin Clarke (Thomas Allen)
Here After, Sean Costello (Your Scrivener Press)
Seaweed on the Rocks, Stanley Evans (Touchwood)
Angels of Maradona, Glen Carter (Breakwater)
Operation Rimbaud, Jacques Godbout (Cormorant)
Chef, Jaspreet Singh (Esplanade)
Quintet, Douglas Arthur Brown (Key Porter)
A Week of This, Nathan Whitlock (ECW)
The Year of Numbers, Paulina Wyrzykowski (Seraphim)
The Mountain Clinic, Harold Hoefle (Oberon)
Blasted, Kate Story (Killick)
The Frog Lake Massacre, Bill Gallaher (Touchwood)
The Bewilderments of Bernard Willis, Aaron Peck (Pedlar)
Skin Room, Sara Tilley (Pedlar)
Chase & Haven, Michael Blouin (Coach House)
Charlie Muskrat, Harold Johnson (Thistledown)
Shuck, Daniel Allen Cox (Arsenal Pulp)
Sailor Girl, Sheree-Lee Olson (Porcupine’s Quill)
The Reverend’s Apprentice, David N. Odhiambo (Arsenal Pulp)
Cockroach, Rawi Hage (Anansi)
The Seary Line, Nicole Lundrigan (Breakwater)
Stunt, Claudia Dey (Coach House)
Niceman Cometh, David Carpenter (Porcupine’s Quill)
Good to a Fault, Marina Endicott (Freehand)
Anna’s Shadow, David Manicom (Esplanade)
The Red Dress, Paul Nicholas Mason (Turnstone)
The Steve Machine, Mike Hoolboom (Coach House)
A Slice of Voice at the Edge of Hearing, Brian Dedora (Mercury)
Cleavage, Theanna Bischoff (NeWest)
In the Garden of Men, John Kupferschmidt (3-Day Books)
Girls Fall Down, Maggie Helwig (Coach House)
Scrapbook of My Years as a Zealot, Nicole Markotic (Arsenal Pulp)
The Frankenstein Murders, Kathlyn Bradshaw (Cormorant)
The Entropy of Aaron Rosclatt, James Sandham (Clark-Nova)
Taking the Stairs, John Stiles (Nightwood)
Eva’s Threepenny Theatre, Andrew Steinmetz (Gaspereau)
The Show that Smells, Derek McCormack (ECW)
Entitlement, Jonathan Bennett (ECW)


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