Friday, September 04, 2009

Weirdos, Delinquents and Utter! Nutters

Last night attended I Utter! Weirdness; there were a whole heap of people sitting in chairs at odd angles, through the room. Some were scribbling away at diagrams and some taking pics of the poets and it was a confrontational night, in sneaky glances, 'I've-got-a-better-come-back-scratched-down-in-me-pant-pockets-than-you" kind o way. The highlight for me was Jason King who puts out the Delinquent Magazine. He was on about hairs hairs marching one by one into the back garden then this other feller James Mackay read this 17 century biblical piece which said the world was decendent from ancient Hitites except for the German(e) who are essentially Philistines. I was having a right ol chuckle for no other reason other than everyone was either this or that and it was very convincing even the various potions and ointments which were used at the time to treat gout and so on and met a guy on the 25 bus with my friend Nick from Bethnal Green and the guy looked a little like James Hetfield from Mettalica and the guy said I've only seen them once and I said how was that and he said great the VIP section, I said how did you manage that and he said well I just walked in... which was all right then, wasn't it. Weird, tho.


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