Monday, July 06, 2009

Some stuff n stuff

Just finished reading a book by Nigerian writer, Lanre Soyode whom I met at Leytonstone Library at an event, recently.  The book is about a money scam involving a bank and a fraudulent account and is set in London and Nigeria and has a happy ending with lots of twists and turns. It was weird to be involved in the reading because we are living in these recessive times and my book is about the pitfalls of money, trying not to sell out, and so on. 

It was a Saturday all ages event which also featured a beefy feller with some large snakes in a separate room in the library, a first for me. 

Also it was good to drink with George Murray in London, briefly about a week afterwards. We called Paul in Toronto that evening. 


Anonymous said...

Hey John! It's a pleasant surprise seeing your comments about my book. Nice of you to include this on your blog - I'm thrilled to bits. I had no idea you were based in England. Thanks a bunch & hope you're not leaving for Canada soon (lol). Cheers, Lanre Soyode. My blog is:

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