Friday, April 07, 2006

Dedicated to Red Heads, everywhere.

Imagine Woody Allen doing a house showing...

Creamsicle Stick Shivs represents a departure from the rural-themed poetry of John Stiles' previous collection, Scouts are Cancelled. While not abandoning the comic, dialect style and featuring the new valley poems of Gourds, Waterville Incarcerations, Felt like Cryin' and House for the Rural Poor, the poems in Creamsicle Stick Shivs shift from the Annapolis Valley, hover briefly in Toronto but then find their locus in London, England with the sudden and startling introduction of marriage to the bohemian life. The poetry centres around the theme of confrontation: a clash of cultures, mores and values and is anthemic to the changing politics and mores of the 21st Century.

The Meritimer in London section includes poems written whilst leading up to and including marriage, as well as dealing with the shock of a new culture and a new working environment - ironically a Church Charity. A lot of the poems in this book have been published in London locally in journals such as The Polka Dot Ceiling, Untitled and nthpostion.

The Book is now available at Insomniac Press and for those seeking a CD, there will be a CD available for 5 dollars or 2 pounds soon.

Samples here:

Meritimer in London


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