Friday, February 03, 2006

Corb Lund in Leytonstone? w/ tour notes

Some notes on the English solo Tour of Corb Lund. Leytonstone-Buckingham.

Bristol, St. Stephen or James(?) Church w/ Scott.Can these two negotiate with a phone/computer? How many Texaco`s on the A38, M4, M5? At the Church Hall, Canadian acts on the wall. Pictures of Sadies, Chuck Prophet, F. Eaglesmith. The hardest venues to find, with the keenest fans. Bristol - we liked Bristol. Full English Breakfast. Bubble and Squeak. Bangers and Mash. Served up by a lady from Africa. Come again!

Chorley, Lancs. A Working Men`s Club? First beers on Steve, well, Corb. Then the pig`s ears, 2 bags. Pub lady says, I`ll ship them to you in Leytonstone. Scott says wait till I finish my beer. The dart player, is he still playing snooker at 11:00 pm?

Stealing into the Member`s Club just to write this. Tomorrow Buckingham. Do I still think Tom is posh? All these people from Alberta. Did we not book a hotel?

Buckingham, The Granary. Red wine and another Travelodge. Decent meal and a promise of a CD. "I come from a long line of...attention seekers" Ye--ooow. Corby says, "Aging thrill seekers," somewhere on the drive. Poker for the boys in Stoke-on-Trent. But I`m going home to Leytonstone.


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