Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Some uses of the word 'Crow' in Nova Scotia.

"You old Crow." ***Less than dignified chumminess.***

"Crowfooted." *** Bowlegged?***

"Crowing about sumpin." ***Braggin.***

"Eating Crow!" *** Taking back sumpin said to wife.

Now more about this crow motif...

Rudest thing said at a poetry reading in the East End of London (but you weren`t there so maybe you would have said worse).

"I`m not sure whether to help you out or nail you to the cross and let crows pluck your eyes out!" **True**

Comments on the performing style of a potentially not-yet-out-of-the-closet, bossy boots, bed head, who hogs the mike stand when he`s not roaming about the audience.

"Watching you perform is like giving your Uncle Bill two hits of ecxtasy and saying: get in an amongst the children." **True**

***True Fact*** My brother Mark once said to a girl in the parking lot of Saga foods at Acadia University:

"Your arse is so big twenty guys lined up side-by-side couldn`t see all of it!"

Which just goes to prove my sister's teenage high school friend was friend was right:
"Youse guys are so crows! (um, ok, gross)


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