Thursday, March 02, 2006

How many people on the subway?

by John Stiles

How many people on the subway
(Tube! Holiday! Fortnight!) pencil
in digits to Crosswords? or Sudoku?

And scratch phone numbers in borders
do they look ahead or down? Twitch?
Certainly they twitch.

You`re very kind indeed, to open the door
at the bank. Say Richards? An echo in a
corridor. A busker, in silence, counts his

I`ve saved three pound (Quid! Dosh!) by not
buying The Times, though the Metro is not
desired by anyone. Am I lonely to work at work?

I`m lonley anyway. I would like to walk to
work. How is a half pint of white beer, lonely?
Especially one which is left for empty at The Stage Door.


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