Monday, September 27, 2010

London, Musical Theatre, 1920'S

I discovered this after doing some family research following up on a vague lead my father mentioned.

Leslie Stiles was my grandfather's uncle. Uncle Harry.
He lived in Fulham.
He wrote a famous Gaiety Musical theatre song called Why do they call me a Gibson Girl?
He had a wife and son and maid in 1911.
He lived off the proceeds of his writing.
He wrote Lumber Love in 1928, about a Canadian Logging Camp.
Lumber Love played at the Lyceum Theatre on The Strand.
Leslie Stiles lost his wife in a fire and this was reported on page three of The New York Times.
He lost his fortune in the stock market crash of 1929.
He worked as a doorman afterwards.

How does this relate to me, taking the stairs and so on, you might well ask.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello John, my name is Jennifer Stiles. My father was Peter Stiles and my Grandfather was Henry Edwin(stiles). would it be possible we could related because my Grandfather wrote famous plays such as " no no nanette" and "LUMBER LOVE" but his stage name was leslie stiles. i know there is a John stile's in my family line with a daughter names Brandy Stiles. Is it possible there could be any connection. please contact me on this email adress ( Thank you for your time. Jennifer.

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