Saturday, June 05, 2010

Country boy in London (er at least how I survive)

I get off the streets for one.

Just some other things I noticed.
The dancing dog and lady on Britain's Got talent.
It is a cute dog and the lady is quite nice and all that but...
The dogs looks a little bit too nervous to me.

I saw this sign.

I mean they don't have doggie toilets on TV shows do they?

Another thing I thought.. and said at work listening to some clever manager say how the monthly hours were built into an equation that would be mutually beneficial to the company and the employee...
"You might be clever sonny Jim, but you can't outwit your heart." John Stiles


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see those orange dancers won BGT. What with them and Avatar, it seems you've got to be blue or orange to make it in the world these days.

When is this positive discrimation going to end? All right, so The Smurfs had it tough and there was need for recompense, but it's 2010.

1:17 am  

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