Monday, September 18, 2006

Notes on my mother

Notes on my mother...

Many years ago my mother started up a used clothing shop in a small town. It only lasted a short while and was bought out by a hippie food store and then my mother had three kids back-to-back, so she stopped working there. I`m not preaching here, my mother was not perfect; no one is perfect. However my mother used to pick-up garbage off the streets, used to pick-up hitchikers in her car and used to talk to people other people wouldn`t want to speak to. My mother believed in things; being honest, taking responsibility for what you say, having good morals and so on. People liked my mother. She was a character.

Our mother told us good things happen to those who wait and to treat other people nicely as you don`t know what they have been through and so on. All three kids tried to grow up in the shadow of my mother's virtues. Don`t we all? The reason I`m firing on all these cylinders is because we are living in morally ambigious times, where whatever your faith might be: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Bhuddism and so on, people will tell you that things are otherwise: dissent and skecticism are promoted through the internet and through other mediums. The world maxim has become: 'that which makes money equals that which is good.' How can this possibly be true?

In all of this confusion I say this. Listen to your heart. Is it right to kill, condemn, malign and so on? When you were a child and you saw these things happen did they make you feel good? I say step back. Slow down. We are not in any particular rush are we?


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