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How Yah Doon? Paul Hoover

How Yah Doon? Paul Hoover, co-editor with Maxine Chernoff of New American Writing now in its 24th year. (see left)

According to Paul, "While in my pictures file, I found two other covers of interest: double issue 8/9 (Fall 1991)... (which) contains..."26 New British Poets," edited by Ric Caddel; cover art by photographer Ruth Thorne-Thomsen. Also, the cover of OINK! 1 (1971), out of which New American Writing developed in 1986. That's right, I've been editing a literary magazine continuously since 1971, co-editor Maxine Chernoff since 1974."

Copies of the British issue are available for $8 US plus a $10 US mailing surcharge. People can order copies or simply correspond by using this email address: viridian at The magazine's website is Paul has a blog at

**Ed note**: Last years edition (NAW 23), edited by Todd Swift contained 20 New Canadian poets amongst some strong Vietnamese and American Poets. There are some surprises, so I won`t give anything away. Why not grab a copy from the publisher?

Anyone interested in reviewing this new edition (NAW 24) for How Yah Doon? please send me an email: info at


Derrida: The Movie

by Paul Hoover

Derrida has left the building: world.
Derrida has left the word: life.
Voyeur through a keyhole: Derrida at rest,

Derrida on fire, Derrida with a pipe,
Too handsome, too knowing. Derrida
The haircut, his stylist on the phone.

The man who wrote voluminous essays,
Notes, considerations; whose gaze was fierce,
Heart mild; who starred in the film Derrida.

Keyhole shaped like a woman, whose
Mouth is shaped like a keyhole.
Jacques Derrida, the concept and the scholar.

Derrida swallows. Derrida wallows.
I will briefly discuss. I will then examine.
I bestow the object. Derrida: fearful.

Two facing mirrors, Derrida between them.
Subject to “infinite regression,”
Derrida the object arrives at true despair.

Footsteps of the beloved: Derrida desires.
Cashmere sweater: Derrida acquires.
Intractable data, what Derrida allows.

Keyhole: mountain. Keyhole: lion.
Keyhole: fountain. Keyhole: crying.
Derrida takes a shower. Derrida glowers.

Nature as the actual, nature as realm.
Derrida: the sailor. Derrida at the helm.
Light writes the real. Light paints the town.

Derrida pales. Derrida: the flower.
Derrida wails. Derrida: empowered.
His eye climbs a staircase, falls from a tower.


By Paul Hoover

Famous snow falling,
covering a mountain famous for its snow.
Famous cedars leaning in the wind.

A stone is famous at the bottom of the river.
But the river is normal enough.
It goes from here to there.

The famous dust is falling,
in nondescript corners and the famous corners, too,
where you stood or I stood

and someone will be standing
for the first time soon. Cup famous for some reason.
Bowl famous to its spoon.

Sunlight famous, most famous of all
as it climbs the garden wall.
Famous moon, coming through night

notorious for its darkness,
and Earth that is famous only on Earth,
with its sweet smell of history.


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