Monday, June 12, 2006

Hargreaves, World Cup Hero?...

er at Least why Toronto is the Best Place in the world to watch the World Cup
1.) Every day is a party. Canada has no team and so all first-generation Canadians cheer for their parents' or grandparents' countries teams. Good times on College Street.

2.) The whole nation doesn`t get depressed when the team loses. The Leafs don`t play soccer.

3.) No World Cup Theme Song.

4.) Owen Hargreaves. He`s Canadian, eh. And has won more Euro titles than Michael Owen or David Beckham combined.


Blogger Clifford Duffy said...

John, On another note, and sadly, Edmonton lost to the Hurricanes last night _ 2- 1. I think Hockey is Canada's metaphysical sport, and I am thinking, just a thought really, of writing a long series of poems 'about' it.... Cheers to the world cup. World cup of poesy .

Ps Comments don't usually turn my crank, but this is unusual.... Stanley cup... poetry... pucks, goals, nets, it was a goalie's game.

6:33 am  
Blogger Clifford Duffy said...

John, t'ings as 'dey' say,took a turn n more for the better, 4 _ 0. Edmonton. Monday night, Stanley cup. Cuppa ladS! et le 'futball?'.
Sports, a metaphysical poem.

6:06 am  

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