Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Serday' Night, World Book Night in Leytonstone Library

World Book Night this Sat Night at Leytonstone library 7-8pm
48 Copies of Seamus Heaney’s Selected Poem’s to give away
free, fer frigs sakes.
Also there will be readings and a discussion of Heaney’s Poems.


Blogger Christian said...

Hi John, remember me from Toronto? I hosted the Orgasmic Alphabet Orgy at the Gladstone. I've been posting a history of my open stage on Facebook, along with a post every night of a different week's instalment of the Gumby Bible. I just posted for August 11, 1998, a night on which you were our featured reader. I tried a few times to track you down unsuccessfully, but I was inspired tonight to give it another shot. You can find me on Facebook fairly easily as Christian Christian, or my email is cchristian@rogers.com. Take care.

6:03 am  

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