Friday, December 31, 2010

Five years on?

Don’t do lists normally but this is to commemorate 20+ book and music reviews at how yah doon? oh yeah, and Happy New Year.
Little note…

1. Five (or ten?) of the reviews were done in the space of a month (or two?) in 2005, so a bit lax after that (review wise!)

2. Favourite book: Easy (The Golden Spruce). About a renegade logger in the west of Canada. History of the decimation of the Canadian forest in BC and images such as widowmakers falling from 400 foot tall trees and the line (“…if that snowbank moves, it’s just Grant.")

3. Talent spot: Annie Freud, (from the pages of a self-published chapbook to an award winning and major prize-nominated poet – and guest book reviewer) in three years.

4. Favourite Review: Patrick Woodcock, Controlling Mastema. Guilt, ambition, hints of kindness, snappy one-liners and an unreliable set of narrators. Two people not meant to live together.

5. Favourite Music Review: Corb Lund (Hair in my Eyes Like a Highland Steer). Smalls to reunite in 2011?

6. Discovery of 2010. Paul Vermeersch’s mordant wit in new poetry book.

7. Second favourite book review. Stole this from a hockey card by Chris Robinson.

8. Great. Still hope for a few more ‘writers on writing’ interviews…

9. Favourite book reviewed in place of a book sought out. Gold Indigoes by George Elliot Clarke.

10. Favourite album never to be reviewed on How Yah Doon? Take that. Progress…

Thanks to the guest reviewers, Mr Tea, Graham Mummery, JP Fadely, and Annie Freud.

Oh yeah and we take the odd poem
pls send bio poem n photo


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