Saturday, August 02, 2014

Dopy Men in Margaret Atwood's poetry and fiction

The DoorThe Door by Margaret Atwood

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"The poets hang on, it is hard to get rid of them..."
This is the opening line of one a few 'poems' about 'poets' in this, Atwood's latest collection, The Door. I don't know much of Atwood's early poetry but Bluebeard's Egg is one of my favourite short story collections, The Handmaid's Tale, up there with a list of dystopian novels, such as Animal Farm and Brave New World and given her versatility in literary criticism and fiction and poetry it just goes to show you can never discount Margaret Atwood as a writer. I don't think she writes about cats nearly as much as she used to and BlueBeard's Egg is filled with feckless and/or dopy men living in and around the Annex part of Bloor Street though perhaps she got her fill of them in Cat's Eye which I haven't read. Is it a good book?

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