Thursday, September 22, 2011

Famous thoughts?

Below are some real situations I have found myself in over the course of my life. They involve famous people and, um, my 'magination.

Famous person 1. SHIRLEY MACLAINE.
Situation: She was accepting an honourary Doctorate from Acadia University, NS in 1985. I was 17, working for Saga foods, as a runner.
Expression: hard to describe exactly but she looked at me...
Imagination: "Hmmm. He's not bad, though a little young. WHAT? LISTEN I MIGHT BE 51, BUT I'M A MOVIE STAR!"

Famous Person 2. BEN WHISHAW
Situation: I was sitting on the steps of St Martin's in the Fields in London recently with my brother and his two sons. They were at the end of their summer holiday, it was a sunny day we were tired from walking from St Pauls, we looked a lazy college volleyball team watching the buskers at Trafalgar square. Ben Wishaw came through a pack of people quickly. He was wearing a jaunty scarf and sailed along into the pack of people up St Martin's Lane. He definitely had a good look.
Imagination: "Yanks. Tourists!"

Situation: walking back from work cutting down the back way near Pollards Row in the east end and wondering it I should walk to the next tube or go into the cafe and check to see if I had any messages from my wife. There in front were Neil Tennant and his boyfriend taking snaps of local buildings. Neil Tennant looked at me, then looked away.
Imagination: "Too old. I don't do old!"


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