Tuesday, September 02, 2008

*^%!! Sales Gripes

Some recent observations whilst starin' out the window in the high pressure sales office where I work, currently:
Ist Gripe: The cramped and poky overland train service which has run just fine thankyah vry much is now down and being upgraded for the 'lympics which are comin' next week it would seem. Now it takes a thirty minute walk, bus, train and tube combo to get to work and back.. in the rain... two hours each way..
2nd Gripe: Fabreeze sprayed in a room full of yakking sales men is not the way to clean an office.
3rd Gripe: The Sales bully handed out five pounds to the person with the most calls in the office, but the one with the least calls sold the most and got twenty quid for their efforts.
Not fair... Gay ol slogans:
"Buyers are Liars..."
WEll there you go...for now...
There is also a different new Ferrari parked outside every day, which is sometimes replaced with a Porsche. How?


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